Monthly Reanalysis Maps

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Define an area average by entering latitude and longitude bounds in the boxes to the right. In order to define a point, use the same value for North (top) and South (bottom), and likewise for East-1 (left) and East-2 (right). Longitude bounds must range from 0°E to 360°E.
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This page is used for making weather maps from monthly-average climate reanalysis. Models are available here with time coverage extending as far back as the late 1800s. The most sophisticated, highest resolution reanalysis models that incorporate satellite data generally begin January, 1979. Although technically not reanalysis, this interface also includes access to NOAA's Extended Reconstructed SST Version 3b dataset, as well as an ensemble-average of the NCAR CCSM4 general circulation model for CMIP5/IPCC-AR5 future climate scenario RCP 8.5. See the Available Datasets page for further details about the models accessible here.

How do I make maps?

Generating maps through this page is easy. Select the options that you want from the pulldown menus above and then click plot. Most images will appear within 5 seconds. Expect to wait a few seconds longer if you select the contour checkbox. Images generated using NCAR Command Language.