About Climate Reanalyzer

Climate Reanalyzer began in early 2012 as a platform for visualizing climate and weather forecast models. Site content is organized into three general categories: Weather Forecasts, Climate Data, and Research Tools. Pages within the first two groups are the easiest to use and include maps, map animations, and interactive time series charts (with data export options). Research Tools include pages for generating custom maps, time series, and linear correlations from monthly climate reanalysis, gridded data, and climate models. Data sources and information are found toward the bottom of each page.

A few highlights...

Today's Weather
Hourly Forecast Maps
Daily Sea Surface Temperature
Daily Sea Ice Extent
Monthly U.S. Temperature and Precipitation

Climate Reanalyzer has been developed with support from the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine. Support has also been provided by the National Science Foundation, the Russell Grinnell Memorial Trust, and the Comer Science and Education Foundation.

Inquiries about the site should be directed to contactcci@maine.edu.

Climate Reanalyzer also has a Facebook page.