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*** 2018/11/18 - The GHCN interface overhaul will be completed in December ***
Global Historical
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Version 2

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Historical Weather Data

Using this interface you can create timeseries plots of daily-average meteorological station data from the Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN) version 2 archive. Metrics within GHCN include temperature, rainfall, snowfall, and wind. Some station data begin as early as the mid 1700s (e.g., Milan, Italy, 1763-2008), but most begin in the 1940s. We will be implementing regular GHCN database updates in the coming months, but for now the local archive extrends through June, 2012. For further access to meteorological station data, users may want to check out NOAA Climate Data Online.

  1. Enter GHCN Station Name (e.g., Fairbanks, AK) or ID (click here for the complete ID list). Check Filter Start Date and then select year range if you wish to find datasets of particular time range. Click Search.
  2. A list of GHCN stations matching the search criteria now appears. Choose a station to then proceed the plotting interface.